Books and Dictionaries

  • Esaurito
    Author: Working group "Parlar (e scriver) rabies" - Speaking (and writing) rabies Publisher: Smallcodes The first dictionary of Rabbi's language (TN) - With Italian-Rabbiese index Produced by the working group "Parlar (e scriver) rabies" of the Don Sandro Svaizer Association - edited by Vittorio dell'Aquila - Promoted by Comün da Rabi
  • Author: Sara Moling Translation: Comisión Lađina par al Vocabolario de l'Oltreciuśa Illustrations: Gabi Mutschlechner Illustrated dictionary in Ladin Cadorino d'Oltrechiusa.
  • Author: Smallcodes Publisher: Chambra d'òc Multilingual guide to the discovery of the minority languages of the Province of Turin
  • Authors: Sara Moling, Gabi Mutschlechner Translation: language research group "L nos patuà" Publisher: Smallcodes Illustrated dictionary in Ladin Auronzano
  • Fairytale book in sappadino Translated by: Cristina Kratter Drawings: Cristina Pocchiesa Cno Edited by Marcella Benedetti A beautiful color book that contains the most famous children's fairy tales of all time, translated into the Germanic language variety of Sappada / Plodn (BL). The book also contains the CD with the reading of the eight fairy tales.
  • Authors: Giulia Camminada, Marco Fioroni, Francesca Gilardoni Publisher: CELE - Centrde d'Etudes Linguistique pour l'Europe The first dictionary of the spoken language in Barni, in the province of Como - edited by Gabriele Iannàccaro and Vittorio dell'Aquila. Promoted by the Province of Como, Department of Culture
  • Made by Andrea Nicolussi Golo and Gisella Nicolussi With the scientific introduction of Luca Panieri The first dictionary of the Cimbrian of Luserna (TN) - Created by Andrea Nicolussi Golo and Gisella Nicolussi of the Kulturinstitut of Luserna, with the scientific introduction of Luca Panieri. The dictionary is the result of more than five years of work by the team and represents a fundamental tool for the recovery and knowledge of ancient terms, sometimes dormant in memory, and to encourage and encourage the production of written in Cimbrian.