The idea

The innovation of this type of multimedia station is to allow the user-visitor to navigate on a simple iPad located in the stand-totem. Navigation is therefore simplified, without the need for a keyboard.
In turn, the iPad is connected to a large monitor or, as an alternative, to a video projector, which broadcasts the navigated content to a larger scale, allowing other visitors to use it as well.

The benefits

The totem works with a simple iPad, a technology that allows several advantages:
– easy maintenance and availability of spare parts
– high usability given the product known and used by a large number of users
– low costs compared to custom built instruments.

Moreover, since it is a completely web-based technology, you have the possibility to keep the contents always up to date. Curators of the exhibition or museum are given access to a simple platform on which to insert new content or update existing ones. Updates are immediately transferred to the application, without the need for a new upload of data.

Our clients

The customers who have so far installed the Smallcodes museum station are both cultural institutes and ethnographic museums.
The first ones have used the totem to create a lexicographic and encyclopedic consultation station inside their rooms, available to external visitors but also to the internal staff. The second have inserted in the station contents of geo-linguistic nature (navigable maps, with the traditional toponymy of the territory) and ethno-linguistic (video-documentaries on language, culture and traditions, in-depth texts, photo galleries).

Some examples of content:

Glossary of the words of the Bosco
Location at the Mocheno Cultural Institute of Palú del Fersina (TN)

Navigable map of the territory of Brigasca language
Location at the Museum of Brigasca Culture in Realdo (IM)

– Portal of geo-touristic information of the Municipality of Ostana
Location at the local products shop in the village of Ostana (CN)