About Us


Founder of Smallcodes, engineer and passionate linguist. Carries out the duties of owner and directs all company decisions. Often travelling to visit the linguistic communities of our network of minorities.

Iacopo Risi

Senior programmer and first employee of Smallcodes. He deals with the platform of electronic dictionaries, spellcheckers and archive with dedication and care, and more generally works at all that concerns computational linguistics.


Born and raised in Cameroon, a senior programmer, she personally follows non-linguistic software projects, addressing clients of large companies and public institutions.

Silvia Randaccio

Linguist and project manager, she supports Carlo Zoli in the management of personnel and customers, but also works on web and paper graphics, creating and inserting content. She also follows the European project sector.

Luca Pietra

Engineer and new member of the group, he is currently in charge of deepening his knowledge of the various programming languages and assisting senior programmers in various areas of software development.

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