A digital library of reference, i.e. the collection of written material of any literary genre and historical period, is a valuable aid to the consolidation of the vocabulary of lesser-used languages.

The archiving system of SC texts offers the possibility of cataloguing quotations for literary dictionaries, of applying lemmatization (the reduction of a flexed form to its unmarked form) and of having the alignment between the old and the new spelling, all very useful tools for minority languages.

In fact, the material collected and organized in the corpus allows you to compare texts and lists of words old and new and is an authoritative support to consult at any time.

The corpus, thanks to frequency parameters, is also able to offer guarantees on the efficient use of a word and to provide information on its register.
The choice of literary texts serves to bring reliability to the material collected. Old literary texts enjoy particular prestige and are considered models of reference in the lexical and semantic fields.