For some years now, Smallcodes has been developing interactive teaching tools for teaching minority languages and cultures. The tools, in the form of interactive games, audiovisual resources, texts with synchronized reading, have the function to bring young people and not to the rediscovery of minority cultures, with an entertaining approach and with the use of the latest technologies for the web.

Audio-books and e-books

SC creates applications that can be used on and off-line (both on traditional PCs and tablets) with audio and video inserts for the use of minority languages that keep up with the times.

Smallcodes digital audiobooks represent an absolute novelty in the field of online publishing and are a fundamental resource for an effective approach to narrative in minority languages.
They combine in a single medium the features of the audiobook and those of the e-book because in addition to providing audio support, include easy reading, with the highlighting of individual phrases at the same time as the advancement of sound.
This system was recently developed using an innovative technology called readalong: thanks to this resource, text sentences are progressively highlighted, allowing the user to follow the text more easily.

To find out, click on one of the covers and then browse the pages like any other e-book, starting the sound with the play button at the top of each page!