Smallcodes is a software development company for scientific and university projects.
It is divided into two macro areas of activity.

The first one concerns a project to safeguard and promote linguistic diversity through technology, with the aim of creating a network among linguistic minorities, in order to guarantee each language a constant and systematic presence in the written world and on the web. The SC community currently includes Occitan, Sardinian, Ladin, Walser, Francoprovençal, Lombard dialect of Italian Switzerland, Cimbrian, Mòcheno, Sappadino, Oto-mangue languages of Mexico, Rromani and many others.

SC aims to fill the information gap between majority and regional and minority languages. To achieve this, it produces lexicographic, spelling and terminology search software systems for lesser-used languages, as well as systems for toponymy cataloguing and bibliographic archiving. These five modules represent, according to SC’s policy, the first step towards a modern use of the language.

SC is also involved in publishing projects (books, DVDs and e-books in minority languages), resources for school education (applications and e-books for school, portals for teaching and practice of languages) and linguistic geography (maps with traditional toponymy).

The second area of intervention is the participation in European projects for the dissemination of digital skills, for linguistic and social inclusion and for teaching towards disadvantaged people. With the most recent projects we are developing a digital campus for distance teaching and training for adult people, exploiting the experience gained in previous areas of intervention: the educational inclusion of disadvantaged people in secondary education with a focus on struggle to bullying; different innovative methodologies for digital volunteering and training experiences in the technological field.

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