Balkan rrom Poets: The rrom world out of stereotypes. A publication with original texts in rroman language – by Silvia Randaccio

The publication of the collection in Occitan and Italian “Poeti rrom dei Balcani – with original texts in rroman language” published by the Chambra d’Òc, is the result of a fortuitous and unexpected meeting between Marcel Courthiade, professor of linguistics at the University of Paris and Peyre Anghilante. During the months that preceded the eighth edition of the Ostana Prize – Writings in the mother tongue, Marcel Courthiade, who received the Special Prize 2014 on 2 June, had the opportunity to brush up on some of his old publications, including an exclusive translation of Roman poems in the Occitan language. The text dates back to 1984 and contained several translations of about fifteen rrom poets from the former Yugoslavia.