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Project Description

For some years now Smallcodes has been involved in the development of projects within European partnerships. The projects have different focus and objectives but the main theme is always the cultural exchange, the divulgation, the inclusion.

Here is an overview of the ongoing projects:

Looking out for a SCHOOL FOR ALL

Early educational inclusion for students with low vision

The project aims at adapting tools and materials for early education to children with visual disabilities, believing that this is an essential stage to ensure full educational inclusion of these students.
For this aim the partnership is developing applications adapted to these children’s learning needs and digital training materials, both formal and non-formal, for their teachers.


Virtual Inclusive Volunteers, Adults and Refugees

It is a platform that offers several online courses aimed at different types of users: Adults, Volunteers, Refugees.
It is based on a software capable of evaluating the previous knowledge of each user, in order to automatically create a tailor-made course of study.
[Go to the website]


Territorial Languages as a Employability Tool for Adult People

It is a strategic network of educational organisations searching to increase employability and inclusion of adult people by use of multilingualism, digital competences and ICT benefits.[Go to the website]


An Alliance for Mobility Incoming and Outgoing

Project AMICO aims to facilitate intra-European labour mobility and to address at European level the imbalance between supply and demand in the ICT sector.
Project AMICO takes advantage of synergies among enterprises, universities and employment services. [Go to the website]


Development of Robust and Innovative Vaccine Effectiveness

DRIVE is a public private partnership that advances European cooperation in influenza vaccine effectiveness studies. It seeks to establish a sufficiently sized network for robust, high quality, brand-specific effectiveness estimates for all influenza vaccines used in the EU each season. DRIVE also aims to develop a sustainable and transparent governance model for public private partnerships.
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