Tools and policies for linguistic diversity

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There is a specific branch SC lexicography system: toponyms. The systems for the cataloging of places’ names plays a key role in the recognition of identity in territories of minority languages. The use of traditional toponyms is often the first step towards the recognition of a linguistic autonomy.

Smallcodes uses two kinds of applications for toponyms' consultation, with two different approaches but which are easily interoperable and connected to each other.

The first case is a geo-referenced map, navigable at different zoom levels - with satellite and / or cartographic background, with toponyms in original language. Each name can be associated to a detailed file with additional information on the selected location.

The second approach is a geographical search portal, which operates on large linguistic areas, mountain communities and municipalities. In the portal, each place's card provides information about the evidence for its name in written sources, tourist information and most accurate geographical coordinates.