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Smallcodes Totem: an original solution for exhibitions and ethno- and geo-linguistic museums

The idea

The novelty in this type of multimedia station is to allow the user to navigate on a simple iPad placed in the standing totem. Navigation is, therefore, made easier, without the need for keyboard.
In turn, the iPad is connected to a large monitor or as an alternative to a projector, that retransmits the content on a larger scale, allowing other visitors to enjoy it.

The advantages

Our totems work with a simple iPad, a technology that allows several advantages:
- Easy maintenance and availability of spare parts
- High usability since the product is known and used by a large number of people
- Low costs compared to custom-built instruments.

In addition, being this technology entirely web-based, the content can be costantly kept up to date. The curators of the exhibition or the museum are provided access to a simple platform where to add new content or update existing ones. Updates are immediately transferred to the application, without the need for a new data load.

Our customers

Customers who have previously installed the Smallcodes totems are both cultural institutes and ethnographic museums. The former use the totem to create a position of lexicographical and encyclopedic consultation, available to outside visitors but also to internal same staff. The latter inserted in the totems geo-linguistic content (geographical maps with the traditional place names) and ethno-linguistic material (video-documentaries on language, culture and traditions, detailed text, photo galleries).

Some examples of usage:

- Glossary of the Wood
Totem at the Cultural Institute of Mòcheno Language in Palú del Fersina (TN)

- Navigable Map of Brigasco territory
Totem at the Museum of Brigasco culture in Realdo (IM)

- Geo-tourist information portal of the Town of Ostana
Totem at the tourist shop of Ostana (CN)