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Smallcodes is an IT company developing software for projects in the scientific and academic world. It is divided into two main areas of intervention.

The first one refers to a project protecting and promoting linguistic diversity through technology, aiming at the creation of a network among minorities, with the purpose of guaranteeing each language a systematic and constant presence in the written and in the IT world. The language which are currently part of SC community and uses SC resources are Occitan, Sardinian, Ladin, Walser, Francoprovençal, Lombard dialect of Italian Switzerland, Cimbrian, Mòcheno, Plodarisch, Oto-Manguean languages ​​of Mexico, Rromani and much more.

SC intends to shorten the digital divide between majority languages ​​and regional and minority languages​​. To achieve this goal, it produces software systems for lexicography, spellchecking and neology/terminology planning for lesser-used languages​, plus systems for toponymy cataloging and bibliographic archiving. These five modules are, according to the policy of SC, the first step towards a modern use of the language.​

SC is also involved with publishing projects (books, DVDs and e-books for minority languages​​), with the implementation of resources for school education (teaching applications and e-books, language portals) and with geolinguistic projects  (maps with the traditional geographic place names).

See our ​​Manifesto

The second area focuses on software development in the medical field. SC has a multi-year partnership with the University of Florence, with which designs and develops technological applications for the treatment of clinical pharmacological data, pharmacovigilance and bioinformatics.

Smallcodes works using the most advanced technological standards and a format that allows exchange and sharing.