Tools and policies for linguistic diversity

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SC system is the most comprehensive system of monolingual, bilingual and multilingual lexicography for LMU. It natively manages the internal multi-dialectal variability: It allows – in a unique way – to record every nuance of variation within a macro-language, while maintaining an overall unitary tendency.

All regional and minority non-standardized languages ​​have to deal with the problem of the multiplicity of local variants coexisting with a representative standardized form.

SC system is specifically designed to handle this complexity.

SC dictionaries currently being used by working groups:

- Dictionary of Gherdëina Ladin - Istitut Ladin Micurà de Rü

- Dictionary of Val Badìa Ladin - Istitut Ladin Micurà de Rü

- Dialectal lexicon of Italian Switzerland

- Dictionary of Occitan in Italy

- Dictionary of Francoprovençal in Piedmont

- Dictionary of literary Ladin

- Dictionary of standard Ladin

- Dictionary of Rabies (Trento)

- German dictionary of Val Badìa Ladin

- Dictionary of Mexican Oto-Manguean languages – IUF, France

- Multilingual dictionary of Rromani – Inalco, Paris, France

- Italian-Maltese dictionary – University of Malta