Tools and policies for linguistic diversity

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Digital Libraries

A reference thesaurus, namely the collection of written material of any literary kind and historical period, is a precious help in the consolidation of lexicon.

SC digital libraries offer the possibility of having phrase quotations for literary dictionaries, of applying lemmatization and of having an aligning of old orthography with new orthography, all being very useful tools for minority languages.   

In fact, the material collected and  organized in the corpus allows to compare old and new texts and wordlists and represents an authoritative support to be consulted at any time. The thesaurus, thanks to frequency parameters, can offer guarantees on the effective use of a word or on its register / linguistic style.

The choice of literary texts is done in order to let the speakers’ community recognize them as “properly written” and trustable. Old literary texts often have, in fact, a special prestige and are regarded as models in the lexical and semantic field.